Interior accent – Magma series

Vaza Albareto
Vaza Albareto

I present a new series of artworks called Magma. The unique glaze on these pieces gives them a special expression. It’s a strong and original accent for a modern interior. The impression is as if we were looking at a meteor, asteroid, comet, or another celestial body, which is why the pieces in this series are named after meteorites.

Although the texture of these pieces is rough, there’s no need to worry about them collecting dust because they can be easily washed with running water.

When carrying or lifting, the glaze might crack a bit (similar to limestone), but this is entirely normal and won’t harm the piece. In fact, it can reveal another interesting texture detail.

Vassel Albareto

Vessel Adelie

Vessel Abee

Vessel Allegan

Vessel Benton

More pieces are coming soon